A Boardwalk Story

J. Louis Yampolsky evokes the days when Atlantic City was the “Playground of the World”.

A Boardwalk Story Bookjacket - a novel by J. Louis Yamplosky

1939. The tenth year of the Great Depression in America. Europe teeters on the brink of war. In Atlantic City, New Jersey – a seashore resort town that springs to life every summer – Jack Laurel comes of age.

At 15, Jack’s life is turned upside down by an almost magical convergence of people and events.

A mysterious boardwalk entertainer inspires a love of literature, a feud with neighborhood bullies escalates, and innocence is lost. Jack stumbles into commodities trading with two men: one a reclusive mystic, the other a charismatic pitchman and mathematical savant.

The musings of a boardwalk fortuneteller set the three partners up to reap unimagined profits — but a house of cards is about to come down around them and, with it, the wrath of an iron-fisted crime boss.

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